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⚚ Stomach Problems

If you have been experiencing stomach problems, you might be worried about what could be the cause of your symptoms. Maybe you are experiencing excessive gas and bloating. Perhaps your problem is diarrhea episodes that don’t seem to be getting better or you are finding that you are constipated much of the time. You might be wondering if your problems are just due to stress or perhaps you are worried that something more serious is wrong with you.

Seven Common Stomach Problems

1. Heartburn : Heartburn is a burning sensation that arises in your chest and upper abdomen. At times, it is accompanied by a burning sensation in your throat and you may burp up stomach acid. Heartburn is a primary symptom of a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). As chest discomfort may also signify heart disease, it is essential that you discuss any symptoms of pain in your upper abdomen with your doctor.
2. Nausea with or without vomiting : Nausea and vomiting are particularly unpleasant digestive symptoms, ones that we would all prefer to avoid. There was even a classic Seinfeld television episode, in which Jerry talked about his non-vomiting streak. Although vomiting is sometimes simply the way the body deals with unwanted infectious intruders, vomiting can also be a sign that a more serious problem exists within the body.
3. Diarrhea : Are you experiencing loose, watery and frequent stools? There are many reasons why a person might be experiencing diarrhea. As you seek answers, it is essential to remember that a major health risk associated with diarrhea is dehydration. So be sure to drink plenty of fluids.
4. Constipation : Constipation involves infrequent bowel movements and stools that are hard, dry and difficult to pass. Often there is a feeling that you haven’t completely emptied your bowel (incomplete evacuation). Constipation does not always indicate a diagnosable health problem. For example, the cause could simply be a side effect of medication or a diet that is lacking in an adequate amount of dietary fiber.
5. Stomach Pain : Pain in your abdomen can be the result of a variety of medical disorders. If the pain is sudden and acute, this could be the sign of a more serious health problem and you need to seek immediate medical attention. Pain that moves around and is eased by a bowel movement or passing gas may be coming from a more benign cause. In any case, ongoing abdominal pain warrants further investigation.